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Journal Chacham's Journal: News: on BT's CP block / Rant: on same 3

The Independent is carrying a story entitled Breakthrough thwarts thousands seeking child porn reporting on the BBCs ban to "child porn".

Thousands of people are being prevented from accessing hardcore child pornography on the internet every day, it emerged today.

British Telecom has stopped 200,000 attempts to access such images in just three weeks by using new technology.

The exact number of people trying to look at the sites is unclear because some may be making repeated attempts. But the real figure is likely to be far higher as BT is just one of a number of companies providing internet access.

BT said it was surprised at the high number of attempts to access sites. And it has offered to help other internet service providers block access.

The Home Office Minister Paul Goggins applauded BT's efforts but said he was "deeply shocked" by the findings. He urged other companies to take up BT's offer of help.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, he added: "Every image of a child that appears on the internet is a picture of a child that has been abused and that must remain firmly fixed in our minds as a key priority for taking the actions that we are determined to take."

The Home Office minister is severly demented. *Every* picture is abuse? The pedophilia witch hunt is bad enough, but this is more like Salem. Children are not trusted *unless* they claim someone (usually not famous) abused them. What's wrong with this picture?

And then there's the BTs block. Besides the dubious nature of blocking anything, this is more political than anything else. Stopping "pedohiles" seems sure be a sure ticket into office (sheesh a non-Michiganian...non-USian! was voted in here with her claim of what she did against pedophiles as AG.) Janet Reno became pretty famous after her "devil worship" cases that ruined the lives of some fine people.

This block will grow. What will it block next? I'm sure the works of pedophiles will have to be blocked too. and that includes Alice in Wonderland. Carrol loved 11-year-old Alice, corresponded with thousands of girls, and had pictures, including nudes, almost exclusively of girls. Then there's Mark Twain's works. He wrote of his "worship" (and commented on that exact word, saying it was correct) for little girls, and don't forget the AngelFish club for "school age" (10-16) girls. I'd rather be friends with a pedophile than a homosexual. As long as we're talking about love and not rape.

But the block will grow further, and be politically implemented. Do we really want that?

There's a time to let people find their insanity. And there's a time when it simply goes too far.

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News: on BT's CP block / Rant: on same

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  • I'd rather be friends with a pedophile than a homosexual. As long as we're talking about love and not rape.

    what is your definition for "consent"?
    • what is your definition for "consent"?

      Personally, i consider consent to be a moot point, as either there is marriage or there isn't. Then it's simply rape (no marriage) or abuse (with marriage).

      Though, given the commonness of lack of amrriage, i believe the person decides, with possibly the family helping. But, that's mostly for morals.

      I think consent is a made up concept though. It either is rape or it isn't. Deciding rape is relatively easy, as outisde of marriage only agreement was required initiall

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