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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: More ramblings on the mold (2) 4

Continuing where this left off, there were more mushrooms last night. I noticed them when getting read for bed. Saw two of them and couldn't get close. No mold though. Guess that problem went away with the carpet. Well, i slept on the couch again last night instead. It's actually pretty easy to get up from the couch, though thinking about the mushrooms made me hesitate before putting my feet under some of the cushions.

This morning Gary (the worker guy dude person here) came by and said there were six of them. Four large, and two small. He removed them and cleaned it with bleach, plans to spray bleach downstairs later today, and to go again up here tomorrow morning.

It's been a week(?) since he stopped the leak. It came from the toilet. The gasket in the other bathroom was allowing some water to shoot up when flushed, which rolled down the tank and onto the floor, eventually finding a break in the tile and wetting the dowstairs area. He replace the gasket and said that it is drying up downstairs, but it needs more time. The humidity and sporadic rains we've been having hasn't helped. Don't want to use a fan for fear that it'll spread the spores, and won't turn the air on because it's simply too expensive (like $300/mo to keep on 65). So the windows are open, but that makes it hard to dry given the humidity.

Gary said he'll find out about new carpet. That is, if they'll fix this one, or give me new. Or even remove the carpet and let me have the wood floor. The wood floor is nice, but i'm afraid i'll scratch it. Though, it'd be a lot easier to clean.

Now to play the waiting game. There's noone here to play Hungry Hungry Hippos with.

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Chronicle: More ramblings on the mold (2)

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