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Nonsense: PR#0

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  • PR#3 (send to the 80-column card) and PR#1 (send to the printer) were more interesting anyway.

    While we're on the subject of Apple IIs, I have a keyboard adapter in the works. The keyboard in my II+ doesn't work too well anymore, so I took the keyboard converter chip (a preprogrammed ATMEGA8515 microcontroller) used in the Replica I [comcast.net] and cobbled together a PS/2-to-ASCII keyboard adapter. The first board got sent out for production yesterday; it should arrive later this week or early next week. (It was al

    • 1 was printer? I thought it was 0. I'm losing it. :(

      But 6 was the disk, right?
      • 1 was printer? I thought it was 0. I'm losing it. :(

        0 is the built-in (40-column) display.

        But 6 was the disk, right?

        That's the usual home for a 5.25" floppy controller, so yes. 3.5" floppy controllers typically go in slot 5 and hard-disk controllers (SCSI, IDE, or otherwise) typically go in slot 7.

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