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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: The Duh! moment. 2

One of those Duh! moments. That is, when something overwehelmingly obvious presents itself, and the person cannot imagine why he didn't think of that before.

This morning i needed to get some files to another person's house. IE6SP1, runtimes, and the like. The total was ~160MB. Need a CD.... out of CDs. Wait, have rewritables...Woohoo! Nero won't load. Moo! upgrades, reinstalls, and uninstalls and reinstalls later, i give up. The drive has been acting up lately, do it's probably broken. Will read, won't write.

About to give up, i think about how nice it would be to have one of those nifty USB thingies that hold a half-decent amount. Oh well, don't have one......Then came the lightening bolt, i have a digital camera, and two 128 MB CompactFlash cards. Duh!

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Verbiage: The Duh! moment.

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  • by mfh ( 56 )
    Yeah those cameras come in handy. I was snapping 2meg pix yesterday on the boat with the fam, like it was going out of style. 256megs comes in handy like that! Did some fast AVIs of my mom's birthday. Totally nifty. I've always thought about using the camera as a portable file storage, and it's certainly a Duh! moment. ;-)

    I might add that this reminded me of the Scott Adam's speech (as Dogbert) in Dogbert's Management Handbook, or some such title. :-) Got the tape of it, and Scott Adams is reading the whol

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