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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rant: Star Trek movie 11, Trek is dead. 11

An early Star Trek movie? Well, Star Trek has lost me.

TOS and TNG are far apart, yet both are real Star Trek that the audience enjoyed. Then came DS-9. Obviously not for everyone. It separated from Trek by being a soap opera while Berman was there, but then became a decent show with a slow moving story line. In that aspect, it wasn't standard Trek. Yet, it had tie-ins with TNG, with characters moving over, and advanced the Trek story line, albeit in the Delta quadrant.

Then came Voyager, with it's Feminist in-your-face agenda, and all together stupidity. Anyone i asked that watched it seemed to watch it because it was the only Trek availible. And here's the difference, people who watched Voyager watched it mostly because it was there. They didn't watch DS-9, because it watch to drama-ish. The inverse however, is that people who watched DS-9 became enthralled with real character development (in some cases giving TNG characters some depth) and slower, powerful story lines. Yet they disliked Voyager, simply because it wasn't Trek.

Then came Enterprise, and to call it Trek is simply a disgrace to Roddenberry's name.

As far as i'm concerned, there are three Trek shows, TOS, TNG, and DS-9, and two officially sanctioned knock-offs, unfortunately diluting the Trek name.

As if that wasn't enough, the movies came along. Trek 1 was an attempt to keep people going, ending in Trek 2 that had a very nice story, picking up from an old episode. Kudos to them for that. Three, four, five, and six were mostly silly, yet it was Trek in that the comradely and humor of the characters was there. They could have done a play and people would enjoy the characters. 7 and 8 were mostly TNG and played into the neat ideas and gadgetry of TNG. Eye candy, Trek style. OK, not bad. 9 and 10 just plain were horrible. They asked Frakes why he butchered 9, and he responded that he was just having fun. Therein lies the problem. I could never stand Riker anyway. And 10, i could hardly follow the story. I still don't know what the point was.

Is this all Berman's fault? Can't somebody just stun him or keep him in stasis for a few years while Trek recovers from it's terminal grafting?

And now 11. Nothing to do with TNG, not even DS-9. But, they'll go backwards to rewrite history. Who cares anyway? Does anybody really care that the Star Wars "prequels" were made? Sure it's a nice attempt and tell the story, but it's not like people had to know and are now satisfied. Trek needs to move forward. Play with more ideas, rather than rehash old ones and try to keep in a story line.

Bah! They don't care about Trek. And neither do i. I have no desire to watch a Trek 11. The series is mostly dead for all i care.

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Rant: Star Trek movie 11, Trek is dead.

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  • Unless there are rave reviews for ST11 I'm not seeing it. I feel ripped off enough from 10 (9 I got from the library so I was safe there, still want back my 1.5 hours though).

    I always felt that a Klingon miniseries, perhaps on a part of their history or their mythological past would be fascinating. I don't understand why its never been made.

    DS9 and Voyager I could never get into, ST for me is TOS (when it was good) and TNG. Haven't seen TAS yet.

    • I always felt that a Klingon miniseries, perhaps on a part of their history or their mythological past would be fascinating. I don't understand why its never been made.

      Neat idea. It'd be a nice idea to show a non-Earth centric show.

      And TAS is cute if you want to see it. Nothing to go crazy over.
  • by mfh ( 56 )
    > An early Star Trek movie? Well, Star Trek has lost me.

    Me too. But sadly, the days when Trek was aimed at nerds like me, are long gone. They are going for the hick audience and if you need proof, then you'd have to look at the fact that Paramount signed the TNN deal, and that TNN is the The Nashville Network. The cowboys like Trek, as a kind of space cowboy appeal. And if you need a reason to watch Voyager, just take a look at Jeri Ryan for five seconds.

    > TOS and TNG are far apart, yet both are r
    • Mostly agreed. Thanx for the reply.


      DS9 was a soap...There's no new adventure, only new drama.

      Well, the fiorst two seasons were. After that a decent story line moved in. Similar to DBZ where stories take many episodes to unfold. It can be a very fulfilling experience to those willing to wait.

      And there was action. Just only when the story allowed for it. Ever watch Lois and Clark? The focus was on the story, making the action sequences infrequent, but a treat when they did happen.

      Scott Bakula wou
  • by Zarf ( 5735 )
    If you're wondering how he eats and breathes And other science facts,
    Just repeat to yourself "It's just a show, I should really just relax"

    I think someone takes Star Trek far too seriously...
  • I stopped watching TV altogether years ago. I've only seen a few episodes of anything other than the ones with Shatner et al.
    What I've seen seemed silly. The last Star Trek movie I saw was the "Save The Whales" movie. I enjoyed the early ones with Khan etc.
  • Voyager (or was it the other shitty one) did have the hot vulcan chick who regularly got scrubbed down in the "decontamination" chamber.

    That was kinda cool.

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