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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: More ramblings on the mold

Well, i'm spending to much time talking about the mold. But, i need to talk about it to acclimate myself to it. It seems to be an unconcious reaction, brought up by intuition (van der Hoop says imagination (as opposed to fantasy) is the product of intuition). But, since it isn't understood i see the vague images of fear manifesting itself into whatever personification i find tolerable. But, the more i address it, without taking it straight on, the more i can understand it. Or perhaps even make it logical. And then i can kill it. Logic does have its advantages. :-P

Two nights ago, i couldn't sleep. I had slept the earlier day in the morning, and had not tried to sleep until late. Last night, however, i slept at my sister's house. Air conditioning and a basement, what could be better?

They hacked out the area that had the mold, plus above it on the wall. The carpet in the area was tossed as well. This means most likely that i'll get new carpet in the bedroom, or depending on what they have, in the apartment.

The leak seems to have come from the cold water pipe that goes to the sink in the adjacent washroom. This is not the pipe for the shower in the other washroom, as i would have thought. If that is the leak, it's either in my apartment, or my upstairs neighbor. They're supposed to come by again to figure that out, and fix it. That may include punching holes in the wall. I wonder if they'll let me have a whack. :)

I'm told that theree seems to be some mold damage dowstairs as well. For that, they ought to bleach it. That should work, though depending how porous it is, and how many spores made their home there, they made need to replace it.

Anyway, this is most certainly an experience.

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Chronicle: More ramblings on the mold

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