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Journal Chacham's Journal: Pictures of mold and mushroom in my apartment. Any ideas? 12

Continuing on this JE. Here are pictures of the mold and the mushroom. Any ideas? (Links can also be seen here.)

I think he took 4 and 5 after lifted the carpet, so the mushroom is damaged.

Detail Image 0: Half-Size Editted Original

Fuzzy Image 1: Half-Size Editted Original

Fuzzy Image 2: Half-Size Editted Original

Fuzzy Image 3: Half-Size Editted Original

Fuzzy Image 4: Half-Size Editted Original

Fuzzy Image 5: Half-Size Editted Original

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Pictures of mold and mushroom in my apartment. Any ideas?

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  • Ye gads man... Focus, focus, focus!

    It too me a while to figure out that the top of the mushroom was the top of the mushroom and not a disembodied hand!
  • well, identify it! (Score:3, Insightful)

    by daoine ( 123140 ) * <> on Tuesday July 06, 2004 @11:02AM (#9621651) rooms.html
  • It's just a plant!!
    It won't infect, disect or eat you! (although some do indeed feed on flesh, but I think just the rotting kind of flesh, which if present on your body indicates that you have a more worrisome problem then some mushroom...)

    Now, yes, mushrooms can grow amazingly fast in the right conditions... Those conditions should NOT be present in your apartment.

    There is likely moisture flowing into those areas creating the right conditions for fungus growth. You mentioned the shower as a possible sour
    • The fear *is* irrational. :)

      Anyway... they ripped up the carpet, hacked out part of the wall, and hopefully tomorrow they'll take a look at the basement, as there was some damamge there to.

      It looks like the bathroom sink's cold water pipe (either mine or my upstair's neighbor) caused the leased. "Central" should be coming tomorrow to fix it all. One guy thinks they'll use bleach.
      • Bleach should work.

        At least they are taking care of it! We requested some maintenance more than a month ago, but the maintenance staff has yet to show up. I think it must have fell through the cracks because they're usually not like this, but lately they've been slacking.

        We're looking to get some property and have a modular home built on it, but that will take time and money and I'm very anxious about it.

        I know I shouldn't be, but I am. :(
  • No doubt about it. It's definately a mushroom. No danger, really, unless you eat it, or it grows smurfs, which will forage for food from your pantry...
  • Toxic molds that grow in basements. Your apartment probably violates some building codes. Call the city hall and get a copy of the by-laws.
    • Your apartment probably violates some building codes.

      Actually, the apartent buildings just recently switched cities. Royal Oak Township pretty much ceased to exist, and now we're officially part of Oak Park. I would assume that the city shou'd have inspected the buildings.

      Anyway, that is an interesting idea.

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