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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Internet Connection, DSL, and Comcast. 3

My Internet connection is through Comcast. I pay about $60 a month for the service. I also pay for Basic Cable, not that I use it, but it lowers the overall price by five dollars.

Unfortunately, I don't have the option to use DSL, since I have no home phone. My mother has a similar problem. She has a phome phone, but she is "too far" to receive DSL through SBC, Which is saddening as there is a CO within a half-mile of her house. Apparently, they don't want to lay new copper. This means though, even in this busy area, she's likely going to have to have dial-up.

I am just about ready to have my neighbor get DSL so i can lower my bill. (They're on my network as it is.) But, they are not on Ameritech's phone service, and apparently, they demand that their service is used for DSL usage.

Sprint Broadband was the nicest in the area, though they are not accepting new customers. The service was fantastic, and definitely worth it, as my mother was chosen to be the test station in her sector. That means free, as long as she housed another box. No problem on that one. When the tests stopped, they wanted to charge us the full fifty dollars, so I made the erroneous decision of switching to Comcast to get the few months of a significantly lower price. When i tried switching back, i found they would not accept new customers, even if they were erstwhile customers. Oh well. Lesson learnt.

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Chronicle: Internet Connection, DSL, and Comcast.

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  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    Around here (Toronto) you can get DSL from pretty much any ISP that does dialup (and some that don't). It requires a tech from the local telco to install a card on your line at the CO, but that card connects you to your ISP's own network, not the telco's (unless the telco is your ISP).

    My ISP [] charges $29.95 (Canadian) a month for 3.5 Mb downstream and 800 Kb up. When I'm doing heavy downloading and check the connection speed, it's always steady at 3.5, with occasional spikes up to 4.5 or so (once I even sa
  • Thanks for the sysinternals link. Cool stuff.

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