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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Looking at access.log, and some related thoughts.

On the foot of the story about email tracking, i must say i've been looking at my server logs. *shudder*

Checking out for a recent JE, i found some hits.

$ grep -c 1.jpg access.log

Two or three are mine. No comments though. It's perfectly fine, yet looking makes me feel, well, dirty. Eh, i'll get over it. :)

The other thing i noticed was resume hits.

$ grep -c resume access.log

really poor, but at least it's something. The link being posted on finally weilded a hit! So, i then went to check ip addresses. One is simply a Comcast address, the other pointed back to a company. To check, i used, which happened to be in my mind since someone was scanning me or something through it. Logs are informative, if one can get through all the "\x90"s. Hmm.. maybe i'll turn on browser reporting to. It's just fun to see.

On the other hand, silly as it may seem, i like a certain amount of privacy. Keeping logs of when and where i visited might bother me. Though, i understand that logs are required as part of system maintenance and security. But, when i am the host owner, i like peeking. And, i don't even consider it hypocrisy, it's simply two different feelings that happen to contradict one another in practice.

It doesn't matter anyway. Just somethiung i was thinking about.

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Verbiage: Looking at access.log, and some related thoughts.

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