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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: On homemade pizza 4

A friend told me that pizza is all in the sauce. I think he's correct.

Pizza without chesse is cheesless pizza. Remove the sauce, it's grilled cheese. Replace the bread, it's mock pizza. Or something pizza flavored. Even sauce alone is called "pizza sauce". "Pizza crust" when used for something else is no longer called pizza crust.

A local store got some of those small pizza-crust-with-sauce deals. Good stuff. The bread isn't bad either, but the sauce is delicious. And, contrary to my more pessimistic view, there's quite a bit of sauce in each package. They didn't try to skimp! I am quite happy with the product.

The issue i'm dealing with now is how to get the cheese to stay on the pizza. Being there is "enough" sauce, the cheese is skating, and comes off with a half-decent bite. Well, not all the time, though even when taking it out of the toaster oven, some of it decides it wants to stay. Whether sticky or slidy, it must be watched. (Beware the pizza cheese my friend, it's oily slick, it's sliding ways...)

For the cheese, i find mozzarella to be the only good one. Other cheeses simply have too strong a flavor. And, mozzarella is usually sold nice and stringy (ooh, third *y word in this JE, well, second "real" one) for this very purpose.

Getting the cheese spread around: In some cases, the cheese is placed in the middle and simply spreads on tis own. In other cases it must be spread manually. I'm trying to figure that one out.

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Verbiage: On homemade pizza

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