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Slashdot Habits: Removed ~all friends with no JE in 2004

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  • Do you use friends to monitor JEs, or to boost the ratings on comments?

    If it's just for JEs, you can use your alias account solely for that, and keep the foe-snuffing settings on your main Chacham account.
    You can even just do something like [] to read your other account's friends' JEs.
    • Yeah, it's possible. But, i don't really want to sign in on another account. It's just too much work without that great a payoff.

      The amigos link is pretty neat though.
      • But you don't have to sign in to read the JEs of your other account's friends - that's the point of that amigos link.

        Here, you can read my friends' journals:
        I'm pretty sure there's a way to get a summary of titles, but I can't remember the link right now.
        • But it does mean logging in, and friending others...perhaps...i need to dwell on it.
          • Yeah... I guess I was assuming that you would have less friending activity, based on what you've done with your friends now.

            Or you could just move over your accumulated new friends from your Chacham account to your placeholder account every so often.

            Either way, yeah, it's kind of a hassle.
            I suppose you could download Slashcode and see if it's trivial to up the friend limit on a given user... ;)
            • yeah, yeah.

              I think i'll just email them about another subscription in the meanwhile. I don't mind paying for it, as payment is a token of appreciation anyway.
              • Actually, I just realized that moving friends from one account to the other is trivial - you can view someone else's friends and click that little icon next to them. They'd already be friend-of-friends, since presumably you'd have your Chacham account friended...

                Oh, what tangled webs my brain weaves!

                <rolls eyes>

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