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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: CD Burner, Laptop breaking / CD playing issues. 1

Well, everything seems to be breaking. CD-burner drawer won't open, laptop battery seems flaky (laptop turns off when slightly shaken) and this time lost partition or OS (can't find OS error), and then there's the KB.

The CD burner will be handled later, perhaps by taking it apart. The ejection hole seems like its covered or something. Maybe it doesn't have one. The laptop can be handled by redoing partitions, or even throwing 98 on it (maybe Linux). There was nothing too important on it.

Also, was playing what was probably an overburned CD recently on a DVD player, and near the end of the video, it kept stuttering (motor going crazy too). Though, the computer played it just fine. So, i guess the over-burning error actually means something, eh?

Although, in the same computer that some of these are burned, playing them is very much stuttery (no motor sounds though), yet playing it anywhere else, or even the mpg on that computer itself is not an issue. Hmm..

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Chronicle: CD Burner, Laptop breaking / CD playing issues.

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  • started blue screening several times a day. I bought a new hd (80 gig:-)) and emptied everything but a few programs and XP onto it. Now it BSODs every 1-2 days, but at least my data's safe.

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