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Journal: On Gmail

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  • Any chance you can invite folks? I wouldn't mind a gmail account at some point...
    • I'm told i have to wait for the link to show up, probably in the next round. If i don't invite someone in my personal circle, perhaps we'll try it here.
      • I can't understand how people are so eager to test this new e-mail service. Is it really *that* different?

        Of course I would also want to try it out at some point, but don't expect me to actually use it. I don't need yet another e-mail account I don't use. Besides, it would take ages before my daily cron reports would take up to 1 GB of space. Once that would happen, Google would probably raised the offered space to at least 10 GB. Those bastards.

        But seriously, I think it is worrying how powerful Google is

    • neverkevin has many invites []. Thought you would be interested.

      I took one myself. Shame on me.

      • and now they're all taken:-(

        Back to waiting.

      • Wait a sec! No they're not!
      • I'd feel odd begging one off someone I don't read. Or ever heard of. :-)

        As to your other comment, of why someone would want a gmail address, its
        mainly vanity. I actually host my own email on my domain, but a my
        registar wants an email address to send to for issues if my domain is
        not working. I figured a gmail domain address might be kind of cool as
        it is a fairly fresh domain and the spam levels should be quite low
        initially to look at how spam patterns start too for a newer domain
        (outside of my little dom

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