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Journal Chacham's Journal: Review: Harry Potter 3 (no spoilers)

Saw Harry Potter 3. Overall, the move is done well. And as usual, all the actors did fine jobs, except Daniel Radcliffe, who still can't act. And, i liked the former Dumbledore a lot more too.

The special effects were very nice, and the feeling of the film was good. The story itself was interesting in the most part, except that it suffered from the Matrix Syndrome, where there was a scene for a few mintues where they "explain" everything. I wonder how many people might miss what was said. It seems a bit too much for kids to understand. Though, perhaps, they're expected to have read the book already.

As for how suitable the movie is for a sensitive audience, this movie starts to push. There is a expletive--though, technically, used in context--at the beginning of the film. Other than that, Hermione starts getting close to Ron by holding hands, and later with a semi-hug. IIRC, there was more hugging, and Rupert said he felt uneasy about it. For one reason or another it was cut out. Though, with the actors growing up, and the next book beginning on relationships, the next film will probably be worse.

As i said, though, this movie was done well. Worth the time.

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Review: Harry Potter 3 (no spoilers)

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