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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Kazaa or Comcast causing network slowdown (to 1/6) 7

I let someone setup a computer on my network for the pupose of using Kazaa Lite or something. I won't let trash like that on my computer. I think he set it so noone could download from him (empty folder, or just plain nonsense files.) This worked well for some time, until he made some changes. Not knowing what he was doing--though he, as a teenager, thinks he does--he made changes to help the download speed or sources, or some other nonsense. This was fine until. the next day when downloads and page loads were slow. Disconnecting the offending computer from the network, and resetting the modem and router, put it back to normal. Then, kicked him off the network for a week, even though "it wasn't his fault", and told him to fix the problem when he got back.

He said he doesn't know what did it, so we tested various settings, until he finally reset all configuration settings via some "program" ("hey kewl, here's a program that sets it backk to the defaults!") back to the defaults. Earlier today, download speeds were quite slow, that is, ~60 KB/s as opposed to the normal ~360 KB/s, and pages loaded slowly. At this point, i'm ready to ban him from the network, regardless of the reason.

However, there are two issues. One, yesterday the network slowed down nearly that much, though slightly faster, IIRC, ~90 KB/s, even without him connected at all. This never happened in my tests to determine which computer slowed it down. Two, why do i need to reset the modem and router? Perhaps only one is reuired, i simply do both because it works.

The network is simple. Comcast provides the high-priced service through a cable modem. A four-port router with DHCP provides the network. Connected to it are desktop, laptop, neighbor's desktop (light user), and this Kazaa box. Is Comcast playing games here? What else could it be?

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Question: Kazaa or Comcast causing network slowdown (to 1/6)

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  • by posting them in the poll where nothing is offtopic. People usually answer.
  • ... even though "it wasn't his fault" ...

    Ah, youth.

    I was immediately reminded of an old 10cc song, Good Morning Judge [] in which the refrain goes:

    He didn't do it, he wasn't there

    He didn't want it, he wouldn't dare

    which changes into

    I didn't do it, I wasn't there

    I didn't want it, I wouldn't dare

    before the last corus(es). It goes without saying that he/I did it.

    • Heh.

      Personally, i like the Simpson's "I didn't do it" boy. :)

      Perhaps, therein lies the idea that maturity is acceptance of responsibiity.
      • Perhaps, therein lies the idea that maturity is acceptance of responsibiity.

        Yes, I think it does. On the other hand, I also think that the entire (Western) world is becoming more and more infantilized.

        If I smoke 40 filter-less cigarettes a day and get lung cancer then, obviously, it's well within my right to sue the tobacco companies because, well, it just wasn't my fault! I didn't do anything! If I eat too many burgers and get fat then, obviously, naturally, it's my God-given right to sue McDonald's b

        • Well, in a hedonistic society, the main obstacle to fulfilling one's goals is responsibility. If responsibility can be shifted, for example, to a (non-human) corporation, the obstacle to ignorant pleasure is there, and in case of harm, no shame is felt, since it's someone else's fault.

  • Have him set his computer so that Kazaa doesn't run, and then put a local firewall program like ZoneAlarm [] on it, and see if there is some other nasty little program in the background trying to reach out to the internet, and eating up bandwith.

    Why it happened while he was still off the the network, I do not know, but it is entirely possible that he downloaded some trojan that infected another machine on the local network. In which case, a visit to an online antivirus scanner [] might turn up important info, if

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