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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Satisfying thirst and hunger 2

Something i have know, but never fully believed is that only water quenches thirst. Though, as i bear it in mind as i am drinking, i realize it more and more. So, lately, i'm trying to do two things. One, if i am thirsty, drink a cup of water _before_ i drink the pop or the juice. Two, when i am at a meal where i want a drink other than water, have two cups. One filled with water, the other with drink.

I have noticed something else. When i am drinking a drink and gulping it quickly, it is because i am thirsty. This reminds me to drink water, and then enjoy the drink by having it slowly. This came to a funny point the other day when i was drinking water with a straw rather quickly. So, i told myself that i should really go get water to quench my thirst. I looked and was mildly suprised.

This applies to hunger as well. as only carbohydrates satisfy hunger. Some Atkinizens may disagree, but Atkins diet tends to suppress hunger, not satisfy it. Obvious as this is, i only realized it after reading Mcdougal (what a nut!). Eating anything other than carbohydrates only holds off satisfaction longer. And i am realizing this more and more by the speed with which i eat. When i am hungry, i eat quickly, and only carbohydrates will satisfy it. If i slow down, then a snack can be had.

The annoying thing is i point this out to others, When they eat a snack rapidly, i point out that they are hungry, and that they should eat "real food" first. I should probably stop doing that. Admittedly, however, i am guilty of drinking a Slurpee once in a while when thirsty, without the obligatory glass of water first, to fully enjoy slurping it down. It hurts to drink, its freezing cold, and it doesn't satisfy the thirst. But it sure does feel good.

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Verbiage: Satisfying thirst and hunger

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  • by pudge ( 3605 ) *
    Yeah, I try to cut back on carbs, but I feel like I need the carbs before my hunger is satisfied. So usually, I eat everything else first, and follow it with some bread or whatever.
    • The other way is probably better. As carbohydrates fill a person some time after he eats them. According to McDougal, it has to do with the food reaching the end of the colon.

      Personally, i'd do it that way anyway. Unless one is doing Atkin's, the *entire* meal should be carbohydrates, except for the treats. Also, when eating both carbohydrates and fat, it is always better to go for lkess fat, as fat is stored more easily.

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