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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot Habits: (negative tone) no reports, less reading.

I do not plan on making any more JEs about title reads or typos. I'm just going to accept the fact that although Slashdot has a group of highly intelligent people, they are lazier than sloths, and hypocritical to the core. Besides, i'm much rather have maturity than intelligence, and that seems to be a rare commodity.

Also, i'm going to start reading slashdot less (though i'm not planning on stopping the daily stories). I read slashdot to keep up on techy news. However, most of what is reported is worthless and only bantering points. The amount of stories could easily be cut in half, or even in thirds, and still report all the news that fit for nerds.

The reason i read slashdot now (besides the daily report) is for the comments. Though, most comments are just plain silly. After modifying down all "funny" comments, i read more serious things, but that goes by the story. Some stories have serious good stuff in it, and others are more worthless than the stories. So, i guess, i'll be trying to figure out which style of story pulls the mature people out of their holes, and just read the comments on those.

I've come to this because i don't read story titles, or usually even more than one or two sentences in any story (unless i become interested enough to read all the sentences). I'm also checking out about 3-6 stories for their comments, and regret it on all but one or two. Since this has been a daily occurance, i wish to change my habits accordingly.

I guess i'm just getting older. I don't think the slashdot crowd could get any younger.

As for JEs. I hardly read them, unless i'm really bored. Descriptive titles are hard to come by, and most of those prove to be subjects i find uninteresting.

I think someone needs to slashdot slashdot. That is, only accept stories to report that were already on slashdot, and then reject most of them. Perhaps then there will be what slashdot used to be, a "must-read" site.

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Slashdot Habits: (negative tone) no reports, less reading.

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