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Title Read: Slashdot: (another one)

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  • The story goes:Homey R writes "As I'll be joining the staff there in a few months, I'm very excited to see that Oak Ridge National Lab has won a competition within the DOE's Office of Science to build the world's fastest supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It will be based on the promising Cray X1 vector architecture. Unlike many of the other DOE machines that have at some point occupied #1 on the Top 500 supercomputer list, this machine will be dedicated exclusively to non-clas
    • Nope, saw the word "there", realized it hadn't mentioned anything, figured it must be in the title, thus a title-read. At which point i moved on to the next article. I no longer wish to read title-reads, bah, probably just depends on my mood.

      As for it being repreated later, you are correct. So it isn't even a second-level title-read (first is PHB, second is where the story has substance, but the title is still required). Though it is a title-read, in that the user wrote the title before the story, as is ev

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