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Journal Chacham's Journal: News: Convicted "paedophile" barred from all children

Wow! Someone just showed me article in This Is Bristol

A Man jailed for child pornography offences has become the first person in the country to be banned from all contact with children, through new anti-paedophile powers. Former internet cafe worker Kevin Fisher, aged 44, formerly of Queen Ann Road, Barton Hill, was jailed for nine months at Bristol Crown Court yesterday after admitting downloading and storing child porn.

As well as the jail term, Judge Simon Darwall-Smith imposed Britain's first Sexual Offences Prevention Order, under powers which only came into force on Saturday, to prevent offenders such as Fisher from coming into contact with youngsters.

The judge told Fisher: "It is necessary to make a prevention order to protect the public."

The court heard that as well as the pornography, Fisher kept a private stash of child-related material at home, including information on a number of well-known independent schools, including Redland High School, books on children's gymnastics, girls' annuals and baby product catalogues.

Fisher - who claims to have multiple sclerosis and cancer, and uses a wheelchair - was due to face trial but pleaded guilty to three charges of making an indecent photograph of a child and seven charges of possessing an indecent photograph of a child. Police said his claims about his condition were not backed up by medical reports.

In November 1996, Fisher revelled in the publicity surrounding his wheelchair push from Bristol to London to raise funds for Children In Need. A dedicated web page, showing his progress, claimed he had contracted MS and was going blind.

The judge agreed to impose nine out of 10 conditions available under the new Sexual Offences Prevention Order, including banning Fisher from contacting or befriending children under 16, from going within 100 metres of a school, from working with children, from entering play areas, from living in or visiting the same house as a child, and from filming or photographing any child.

Fisher was banned from using the internet for pornography but not from all on-line access.

This is not a "Good Thing"(TM).

He downloaded and kept some unpopular images, and now may not talk to children. And they think this will help? Salem must have been a picnic.

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News: Convicted "paedophile" barred from all children

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