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Journal Chacham's Journal: News: Egyptian Court rejects Egypt-Israel friendship society

ArabicNews.com reports

The higher administrative court in Egypt yesterday approved simultaneously a sentence rejecting the foundation of the Egyptian- Israeli friendship society. The society which had started foundation efforts since almost two years.

In the context of refusing the request of the founder of the society, the Egyptian cinematographer Nabil Abdul Azeem, who is expelled from the Egyptian cinematographers association, the court said that the "Egyptian society and the Arab peoples are not in need of false friendships revealed by the oppressive practices of the Israeli government and such matters should be left for the state as an authority practiced through the agreement signed between the two countries."

The administrative judiciary court had refused one and a half years ago the foundation of the society and the applicant appealed before the court of appeal at the higher administrative court which issued its final sentence to this effect.

Any comment here would only take away from what it already says.

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News: Egyptian Court rejects Egypt-Israel friendship society

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