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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Eating Pizza from crest till crust. 2

Pizza in its usual form is a large circle, and the nexus of two exes lets us have eight pieces. These pieces are wide at the crust, and thin at the top, creating the familiar pizza eater's triangle, that area where reality is lost, and nothing but the person and his pizza exist.

All this seems normal. Although there are other variations, such as the square, or ten slices, the idea of eight triangler pieces from crust to point is ubiquitous.

The question though is how to eat it. For some unknown reason i have it in my head that pizza eating starts at the point and proceeds toward the wider side. This seems quite odd, as when i am eating it, it gets progerssively harder to eat, and my mouth gets dirty as it fumbles through the oily terrain. Further, the crust is usually tasteless, thus when i get to it, i want to throw it out. So, instead, i eat the crust near last, but not actually last, and then i can end off on a good note.

All this until i saw a friend of mine eat it from the other end. Ding! That makes so much sense. I tried it and liked it. Though, old habits are hard to break. It also still doesn't feel "correct".

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Verbiage: Eating Pizza from crest till crust.

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  • If the crust isn't tasty find better Pizza.

    Seriously, the crust's most important feature is that it provides a secure place to hold the slice, especially after the "fold" manuever. Pizza should NEVER taste different as you work you way from tip to crust, until of course you reach the crust itself.

    • You'de think. That probably holds true of New York Style pizza, but under Chicago rules, the crust is a lot more important. It's much harder to fold Chicago style pizza becasue the crust is so much thicker, and sometimes even comes in multiple layers.

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