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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: My drive and vacation. 1

After a bit of hiatus,
I shall now relate us,
Before it escapes us,
I went on vacation.

I traveled by car,
Not really too far,
A bit more than par,
With no trepidation.

Six hundred miles away,
Then a short stay,
A week less a day,
Enough for elation.

Went to New York to visit some people. The situation arose and off i went. There are *some* benefits to not having a job.

Got back, and learnt a few things. I received about 485 emails, with ~450 being spam. I have my new server, yet something is holding me back from setting it up email-wise. I really need to get that done. Setting up an IMAP server can't be that scary. Maybe i have some repressed memory from a former life as a sysadmin.

I had my CB along for the ride. It seems only truckers use CBs now, and the occasional small shop looking for free advertising. Beside channel 19, all was static. Why don't more people use the CB? I'd even wonder why it isn't a standard accessory in cars. It's really not that different from instant messaging, except it's easy and fun.

I did learn a few things about truckers.

Some truckers are disgusting.
Most truckers are intelligent.
All truckers are nice.

I'm sure there's some form of syllogism in there.

The CB is worth it if only to know where the "bears" are, and tips of how to avoid them.

Then there was the ear-popping downhill drives. A pleasure in a stick. Going up the hills mostly required fourth gear, yet going down i could simply shift out into neutral. Perhaps driving a stick is the precursor to flying a broom.

On the road there are many areas where it seems that the hills were blasted through. It never ceases to amaze me, that we drive through (what used to be) mountains. And that Verizon has service nearly everywhere. Of course, noticing the beauty of G-d's creation is rarely so evident. In the city it is blocked. At a natural attraction it's bound to one object. On the road it is everywhere. The trees, the hills, the valleys, the sky, the everything. No matter where the road goes the scenery is quite pleasant.

Introverted as i am, i enjoy long drives. I drove for about ten hours each way. and as such had quite an enjoyable trip. Being alone doesn't tax me. It riles me up for more. I want to go again for that many hours. Well, sort of.

Ah, the pleaure of driving alone.

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Verbiage: My drive and vacation.

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  • by On Lawn ( 1073 )

    You know, I like road trips too. I think I'll be one of those people that retires with a motor-home.

You have a massage (from the Swedish prime minister).