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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage:, and my own useless snippet.

I don't remember who it was, but i found In Passing from someone's JE or comment. I saw it a while ago, and remembered it this weekend. A quick look now made me laugh. For example

"Good call on the reservations. Makes it look like there was advance planning."
"There was. We made reservations."
"You know..."
--Two women arguing in the bathroom at P.F. Changs


"So I get home, and she's sitting at the kitchen table with a notebook, counting all the carrot sticks."
--Two women talking outside Pegasus books

After reading the second one i had a good laugh. The worst part is, it's gets funnier the more i think about it.

What made me think about it? Well, i'm glad you asked. I visited someone yesterday, and i repeated a story. Are you ready? I'll even leave in the useless details that ironically make stories all that much more interesting. Which is a story all in itself...

I made a cholent. Main ingredients are meat, barley, potatoes, and beans (and about twenty hours of slow cooking). (Yes, i know you *have* to add <food item> or it just isn't a cholent, and i'm leaving it out for the specific purpose of annoying you.) Problem is, i like neither potatoes (n)or beans. So, i've been putting them in cheesecloth bags. I love irony, i use cheesecloth with my meat.

Specifically, i encapsulate the potatoes and beans in bags (no, not individually, though that is an interesting idea), or otherwise wrapped in cheesecloth. Well, this week's (like the week prior) i "forgot" to buy some. I didn't think the store i would normally go to for it would have it, so, i asked my sister for some, but she wasn't home at the time. In the end i decided to take her idea (that she heard from someone else but (ostensibly) hadn't tried) and buy some muslin.

Moments later, i was off to the nearby textile outlet. I waited and waited in line, and finally i asked where the muslin was. Note, that i pronounced it "moose-lin" or "muss-lin". She corrected me, and pointed toward some cloth. At first i thought she said "muslim", which made me ask again, but after i arrived at the appropriate table, it was muslin.

I found the wrap and decide to purchase two yards. She told me there wasn't that much there, so i accepted the yard-and-a-half, for at ninety-nine cents a yard, i figured i could afford it, even though it wasn't in Canadian. For some reason i decided to mention that it was for cooking, and that it should work as well as cheesecloth. She sound slightly interested.

As i was walking away, the lady that was behind me in line asked for some cheesecloth. Doh! They sell that here? So much for assumptions. Though, i was able to comfort myself in that i was trying an innovative idea. Amazing how the psyche works, isn't it?

And now, for the long awaited Riverstomp^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H~h^H^H^H snippet. After the lady asked for some cheesecloth, she was told that they were out of it. The lady trying to buy it was trying to verify that, and two or three of the clerks started yelling half-way accross the store something like

"Hey, we don't got any cheesecloth, do we?"
"No, we're out of it"
"We're out of cheesecloth?!"
"I heard Bill last week on the phone ordering some cheesecloth, so i figured we was getting some more next week."
"Yeah, that's what i'm like. When was the last time we was out of cheesecloth?."

I repeated ths story, and began to laugh. At that point, it got even better. The person said to me, that it's too bad that i'm in front of the computer all day, since i find so much humor in every day happenings. He might have a point. But, not to be outdone, i responded that if i did see it more, i'd appreciate those few kernels so much less. Eh.

And the muslin didn't even work too well anyway.

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Verbiage:, and my own useless snippet.

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