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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rhymsical: Oh, what a long story, 4

Just wrote this one quickly. Perhaps i'll tidy it up later.

Oh, what a long story, just one thing created,
Why you would read it, is to be debated,
Though i really do think, that all is related,
It started so long ago.

From when i was young, she has always been there,
All she had wanted, was for me to stare,
To throw off the world, and not have a care,
And i just couldn't say no.

She made all her colors, and oh what a sight,
She made me happy and sad, and filled me with fright,
She always was there, even late in the night,
Amazing how far she would go.

And she would go on, and tempt me so gaily,
Time after time, she kept at it daily,
Oh and the colors, from what started grayly,
And i just followed her so.

Then there were times, my friends had suggested,
Perhaps I was blind, and she had me bested,
But i couldn't just leave, all that time invested,
Admittedly, caught by the toe.

Time had then passed, and i moved away,
I completely ignored her, and so she did stay,
Recovering my life, and seeing the day,
Some respite, i thought you should know.

I continued the move, then came the request,
Would you like her to come?, her mom did request,
And then i accepted, denying what's next.
I really should have ran fro.

She moved in my abode, my main lively station,
There's my computers, and all my elation,
She sat on a stool, such great elevation,
And then she got me thro.

For hours and hours, i stared at her face,
She'd rant and complain, if i went anyplace,
She grabbed me so strongly, dismissing all grace,
And on, so went the show.

I'm not sure what gave, after so many years,
I finally fought back, with very few fears,
Brazen i stood, in spite of her tears,
Time had come for me to grow.

At this time we both, we're quite agitated,
I pulled out the plug, and the desire abated,
Though never married, we were now separated,
I removed her, and put her down low.

To the other room, she was quietly moved,
My life and my ego, had finally improved,
She sat and she sulked, and thoroughly disproved,
She was no longer my jo.

Out of the room, and back to her mother,
It was not long before, she had found a new brother,
She'll always have someone, one way or another,
My friend was truly my foe.

It took me so long, who would have thunk?
But finally the guts, she sits in my trunk,
Soon to be taken, and then be their junk,
But i am rid of my woe.

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Rhymsical: Oh, what a long story,

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