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News: Nickel with new pictures ready for circulation

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  • I still am mystified as to why we don't have a coin with that famous image of the an astronaut on the moon with the American flag. It would look great on a coin, or maybe as a color hologram on a paper bill. It also is one of the better things that the U.S. has done for mankind and would celebrate that. Once I had a dream that there was a one dollar coin that had this image on the front and was dated 2019. It looked really cool. It was also more reflective than most coins. Oh well...

  • I know you take great delight in pointing out spelling errors on Slashdot, so I was very surprised to see the title of this thread: "News: Nickle with new pictures ready for circulation." The US Mint and I are quite sure it's spelled "nickel" [].

    • I was very surprised

      Don't be so suprised. I have a hard time correcting my own mistakes. The reason i point out Slashdot's, is because they are read by at least two different people.

      Either way, thanx for the correction! :)

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