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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot Habits: Planning to move foes soon 12

I have definitely been getting closer on the grand switcharound. Where i plan to create another user to friend all my foes, and friend that user, then foe all my friends. Friend and Friend of Friend will modify to -6, and foe will modify to +6.


  • People ignored won't be offended by being called "foe". Instead they will be "friend".
  • There will be a more distant limitation on the ignored users, as each "friend" can have 200 friends.
  • This will clear up the list for more people to be promoted to +6.


  • People raised to +6 will be "foes" and might not realize what i am doing.
  • I won't be messaged when people raised to +6 write a JE.
  • This will clear up the list for more people to be promoted to +6.

My main holdbacks are:

  • I don't know if the newly made foes will mind.
  • I don't know of an alternate way to see JEs.
  • I'll need a program to do the switchover, or a lot of time to do it manually.

The other neat thing is that i can "friend" people i don't want to see, and have that be a queue until i log in as another user.

Then again, i could just move my foes to foe of friend, and keep all else the same. The only drawback there is that i continue to foe these people. I'd rather "friend" them so they don't take it so personally.

If only there was a friend of foe modifier...

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Slashdot Habits: Planning to move foes soon

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  • by turg ( 19864 ) * <turgNO@SPAMwinston.org> on Wednesday March 03, 2004 @04:51PM (#8456470) Journal
    Okay, given that you (using one username or another) are going to have to add a bunch of people to a list of foes, and no matter what you do someone's going to misunderstand and/or object...

    Why not just have one (or more) user(s) who foes all your foes. And (an)other(s) who friends all your friends. Make them your friends and +6 Friends of Friends, and -6 Foes of Friends.

    You could use the /amigos link to see your friend's friends' journals. e.g. If you go to http://slashdot.org/my/amigos/ [slashdot.org] you see your friends journal entries. At http://slashdot.org/~turg/amigos/ [slashdot.org] you see my friends' journal entries. Replace "turg" in that URL with the user ID of your dummy account and you're all set.

    Personally, I like the amigos page better than messaging for viewing friends' journals. I turned off journals in messaging and just use a link to /my/amigos as my entry point to slashdot.
    • or of course, you could still get notifications of friends' journals via your "friendly" account
    • Hmm... interesting. But how is amigos different?
      • check it out [slashdot.org]. It displays friends' journal entries like the front page articles, one after another in reverse chronological order.
        • Neat. I was thinking about doing that. Again, i really wish i could "friend" all of them, so the psycological impact is more positive.

          Either way, this is no different than getting messaged when a friend writes a JE. So, maybe i'll keep friends directly, and foe them through another account, like "profanity", or some other availible descriptive name. I'll need two to start, as i'm not subscribing those users. :)

          Now to get a script. I think the action date will be Monday or Tuesday.


          The other idea would
  • Why? Do you really take Slashdot that seriously? Personally, it's a little beyond me why anyone would really want to keep certain people from being heard. I get the occasional troll who junks up my Journals, but hey... that's OK. It doesn't hurt anyone or lessen my messages. Of course... there's also my selfish question. I have to wonder if I'm going to be one of the -6 folks. :p I friended you specifically because I'm always curious about what you'll write in your journal next.
    • I just don't like profanity.

      I friended you specifically because I'm always curious about what you'll write in your journal next.

      I apreciate that. To tell you the truth, i don't know what i'll write next. It's an exploration. It's scary in a sense, but i am gratified when i can pry something out of my inwards grasp.
      • Excuse me if I come off as a little invasive, but I am curious about this. What do you dislike about profanity?

        DISCLAIMER: This is not an attack, it's an actual account of my youth.

        I remember when I was a kid, I had a very limited and pedantic view of the world. I think I was about ten years old and was really hung up on trying to speak with very adult grammar. I desperately wanted to appear intelligent. I was truly a nerd. I was so uptight, that I didn't even use contractions in my speech because I
        • Thanx for the reply. I read the whole thing, and i think i understand what you are saying.

          I have addressed this topic in another JE [slashdot.org] and the associated comments. I'll be happy to continue the conversation, but i think what i have already said explains the basics.

          Basically, it has more to do with the way i think it affects me.

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