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Journal Chacham's Journal: Looking for a job 1

I am beginning to actively look for a job. Ideally, if a company was training a new Oracle DBA, i'd fit in perfectly. I know how to run Oracle, by no means like an expert, but much more advanced than a newcomer. With two years of experience of running it in a small company. Anyone is welcome to see my activity in the newsgroups. I want to learn more, as i am by no means an expert. Though, i ought to be a decent addition to a team of DBAs or PL/SQL programmers.

Lately, i've been working in PHP/HTML, though i really despise the HTML side of it. One, because i code to standards (HTML 4), two, i use Mozilla, and the incompatibilities between it and IE drive me nuts.

I do not know C(++), though i took it in college for two classes. Basically, i never needed to use it. I'm about the same with Perl. I was reading it, until the requirement dropped, so i didn't continue reading it. In both cases though, those are languages that i'd love to learn.

I can also do technical writing. I have done some in the past, especially when doing technical support for the Wise Installer.

Finally, i do technical design. Not website design or anything of that sort. Rather database schemas and the like. Separating complex things into their individual parts, and planning for future change is of my best qualities as a programmer.

I live in the Detroit, Mi area, specifically in Oak Park. I am not willing to relocate, though i am willing to telecommute.

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Looking for a job

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