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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot Blackout: Description: My Redefinition 2

So, what about the Slashdot Blackout anyway? What is it? Why particiapte? What if i only sort of want to particiate? Here are the answers according to my redefinition.

What is the Slashdot Blackout?

The Slashdot Blackout is a week-long event in which the participants decrease their use of Slashdot.

What is the purpose?

The purpose is a show of frustration, and a given ourlet where it is more likely to be heard, given the number of people participating.

What will change because of the blackout?

a) The particpant feels better after releasing pent up frustration.

b) While this may effect change, it is not the main point. Change can only happen after recognition. So, we only aim for recognition. Should there be recognition, i think change would follow on its own.

How does one participate?

Particpation comes in many flavors. The main point is decreased usage on April 21-27, or at least on April 21 itself. Decreased usage is many things. Here is a list, of some of them.

  • Loading pages less than thirty times per day.
  • Loading pages once per day.
  • Not loading the front page at all.
  • Reading the front page but not cliking through to every story.
  • Reading the front page but not cliking through to any story.
  • Not leaving comments.
  • Not leaving more than ten comments.
  • Not leaving a Journal Entry.
  • Not commenting in Journal entries.
  • Expressing solidarity in a Journal Entry on April 20.
  • Expressing solidarity in a Journal Entry on April 28.

The list goes on. Truthfully, even mentally suporting it helps.

Which timezone should be used for date a times?

The times should be the particpant local date and time.

Why should someone particiapte?

Participation happen when someone is frustrated, regardless of the actual reasons, though stating the reason in a Journal Entry on April 20 will help. (Suggestion: For the title use "Slashdot Blackout: My Reason: <a few words on personal reason>", and possibly have a few sentences explaining the reason.) This should be done even if responding to someone else's JE on the very same topic. Only a JE really says it well.

The participation need not be all week. April 21 is probably the most important day.

How does someone advocate his reason for frustration?

A Journal entry at any point expressing the reason for frustration will make known his reasons. The timing can be any time whatsoever, except April 21-27.

Will the admins be bothered?

I certainly hope the admins are not bothered. Our Commander and Taco seems not to be overjoyous with problems. However, he certainly wouldn't mind if people spoke their mind. Plus, since we are not doing something destructive such as a DoS, he shouldn't care about the (in)action. Even more, we are *relieving* stress on the system! The only thing it shows is that our frustration is so high that we are willing to walk away for a few days. That does say something. I can only imagine the admins being concerned and yet wishing us success.

How often does this happen?

This is an annual event. Always between April 21 and April 27. One should participate is he is frustrated in that given year, are he should participate in an effort relative to his frustation.

What if someone isn't frustrated?

If someone is not frustrated, he should not participate in the blackout. In fact, he is encouraged to respond to the blackout journals (especially on April 20) expressing his views. A healthy discussion on the topic can only help everyone involved.

What if someone is a subscriber, does his participation in the blackout mean anything?

This is not a protest. As such, subscribing is not a contradiction to the purpose. In fact, by being a subscriber, participation in the blackout means much more. It shows concern, even with the wallet, and yet the person is still frustrated enough to walk away.

Though, subscribing between April 21-27 might be best pushed off until April 28.

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Slashdot Blackout: Description: My Redefinition

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  • I always kind of thought the blackout was silly, a kneejerk response to the great /. troll investigation (great troll/report BTW).

    Personally I leave /. for a few days now and then (side effect of a busy life) come back, have moderation privleges. If I post all the time, I don't.

    The idea of kicking down the most popular viewers did seem a bit unfair (ok it irked me) for quite a bit, but I just realized (all of less than a minute ago) that the idea actually isn't half bad, the most common readers of /. wil
    • True. I agree with you.

      However, my purpose for a blackout is more that "you don't control us". Or maybe even just to see that i could do it. :)

      Either way, a designated blackout period seems the best. The idea just intrigues me. :-P

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