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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot Blackout: Suggestion:Keep the dates the same. 8

Was just reading Heliocentric's Journal on The Slashdot Blackout of 2004. The history is mentioned there. The orignal dates in 2002 were April 21-27, to be Sunday through Saturday. Heliocentric wants to change that to this month. I disagree on two points.

One, the idea of a Slashdot Bloackout is interesting. However, if people call it for specific reasons, it begins to be silly. The reasons themselves stir people to do it, yet it is actually done for two main reasons. One, to show people a stance, which is noticed by admins with the lost load, and the people with the lost comments, and two, to mess with the moderation system, which is decided based upon the heavy usage. Should the "heavy" users be perturbed and decide to participate in the blackout, the "moderate" users become the extremists, and that jiggles the system.

Therefore, calling it for a reason is something i object to. People should advocate the reasons to get people perturbed, but ultimately the reason it is done is because people are perturbed, regardless of the actual reason. As such, changing the date would seem incongruous with its goal.

Two, changing the date based on who calls it would seemingly not be effective. Should a blackout actually work, others would want to call it on their dates, and unless people follow a specific leader, the blackouts wouldn't be at the same time, and it would not be effecticve. Thus the contradiction. If it is not effective, it is all on the same date. If it is effective, people will have it on different dates. Considering this problem, changing the date would be a "Bad Thing". Let's leave it where it is, at April 21-27, whatever days of the week they fall upon in any given year.

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Slashdot Blackout: Suggestion:Keep the dates the same.

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  • This isn't some annual event to be held in rememberance of our fallend soldiers. There wasn't one of these last year. The reasons that I gathered for the first one still exist and there wasn't a second one suggested even for those same reasons.

    Also, remember that Thanksgiving in US-land is not on the same date, just a relative offset.

    As for your post in my JE about it, I thought long and hard, and I was leaning towards using the exact same dates. Not to carry on any tradition, just since it was simply
    • To have an annual protest on the same day every year loses meaning

      Au contraire. Having it on the same day gives it meaing. All reasons are let out on the same day, and it is a sign that people have thought out frustrations, and are not just responding in a knee-jerk fashion. You yourself mentioned that you wanted it closer so people would not "forget". I propose a similar time frame, but sooner, otherwise this idea may be forgotten.

      But, if enough people get together when there is something that they f
      • well, figure it out, folks. Unless you come to a consensus, i'm not doing either.


        • well, figure it out, folks. Unless you come to a consensus, i'm not doing either

          I'm not arguing. I'm *suggesting*. Personally, i think his idea is doomed to failure, for the reasons stated.

          I still have to decide if i want to particpate at all. :)
      • The thing about the forgotten was a (failed) joke. I see now in rereading it how so. I posted that at like 3AM my time. Please forgive me.
        • The thing about the forgotten was a (failed) joke.

          Ah. Sure didn't seem like one. :) I do think it is a valid point, just one that is incongruent with the purpose.

          Well, it's up to the response of the many. What i personally think won't change much. :-P
          • Yeah, there was a passing thought at one point like "but, if we do it tomorrow no one will see, better to have it in advance, it was like this time of year last time... I wonder" and when I saw the dates it clicked for the matching with another (although closer) month. This isn't a hurry up and get it over with, but I didn't want to beat a dead horse by the time this came to fruition. You are welcome to Blackout Slashdot whenever and however you choose, for whatever reasons. I just think it would be a ne

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