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Journal Chacham's Journal: News: Israel's crack down on prostituion affects UN soldiers

Maariv English Edition has an article on Israel's crack down on prostitution affecting UN soldiers.

Damascus hookers happy as police clamps down on Israeli colleagues

UN soldiers head for Syria as sex traffic in Israel's north is hounded
Ravit Naor

The drive by Israel's Police to suppress prostitution in the north of the country has produced an unexpected result: dozens of soldiers from the UN forces in Lebanon and the Golan Heights are patronizing "escorts" in Damascus since the same services are no longer readily available in the hotels of Tiberias and Nahariya.

The blue berets appear unhappy at the Israeli crackdown that has sent their custom elsewhere. One of them told Maariv: "There's an unpleasant ambience in Damascus. They have a strange attitude to women, and sometimes it can be dangerous -- but overall it's cheap and reliable."

On one such trip to Damascus, a diplomatic incident was narrowly averted after a UN soldier accosted a young woman on the street. Her enraged relatives surrounded a UN base, demanding a $10,000 compensation for the insult -- but finally settled for less.


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News: Israel's crack down on prostituion affects UN soldiers

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