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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Noticed Pudge's Journal 2

Just noticed Pudge's Journal. Specifically, this JE. Perhaps i should read more of his JEs. This one sounded rather logical.

I found it though the search tool. It doesn't work well, but one keyword is OK, even though most of the time it isn't relevant. Well, it must be filtering *something*.

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Verbiage: Noticed Pudge's Journal

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  • Pudge's "Sunday Thoughts" journal is usually pretty good. I think I did a JE about him when I friend'ed him a little while back, but at the time I did not notice that he was an editor.
    • Well, i did know he was an editor. But i found it through a search. So, i don't think it affected my decision to look. Then again, it's hard to say. Either way, i like what he wrote.

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