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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Horizons, OCX, and running it without IE 4

Well, Horizons has a seven day trial, and after downloading it from fileplanet, i registered. Lo and behold, the game requires IE! Basically, it downloads an OCX and uses JavaScript to run it.

Normally, i'd use RunDLL32 to call the entry points. However, here, after i registered it, i was told the entry points didn't exist. Then verified the points with strings, and was bewildered.

At that point a friend told me that it's in COM, and i'd need an application to call it. So, we might use Delphi or VB to do that. That is, if he gets interested enough. I have neither environment.

Any thoughts?

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Verbiage: Horizons, OCX, and running it without IE

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  • If it won't work without IE (or Flash, I'm talking to you Flickr), you don't need it.

    How about this one: I have cookies enabled, but I stop javascript from being able to work this out. If you put a JS test for cookies at the entry to your website, you will will block me unnecessarily. Same for a browser test -- I have Mozilla 1.6, but if you try and detect it, that's not what it tells you. Block me with a "Netscape or IE" message and I just walk away.

    • You're probably correct.

      I block almost all cookies, except if the site needs it. Then i make a decision as to whether the value of the site outweighs my value of rejecting cookies. Such as slashdot. This requires cookies to stay logged in. I'd much rather they used a session id. I despise cookies.
  • Doesn't visual C++ 6 (and vb 6) come with a com object testing utility - an app thats sole purpose it to act as a container.

    Hrm, you could use vbscript and windows scripting host to create a quickie launch file that loads the COM object and makes the required calls. This may not work though if the COM object is expecting a canvas to be already available (as it would be in IE if the object has a visible height and width set).

    You could grab python and the win32 extensions - which allow for COM control - an
    • Thanx, i actually don't know. A friend was going to the coding. I was more the research for what needs to be passed.

      I have not removed IE. Yeah, it's silly though.

      I did try running with IE, and got an error. So, this is a moot point. I appreciate your comments, it may come in handy for something else.

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