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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Eht Gnizama Sdrawkcab Lanruoj Yrtne. 5

Gnizama! S'ti eht sdrawkcab lanruoj yrtne. Hguoht emos eugra taht ot eb ylurt sdrawkcab, eht eritne ecnetnes tsum eb sdrawkcab, i kniht i ekil ti siht yaw retteb. S'ti neve dnik fo nuf ecno uoy teg desu ot ti. Tghir won, s'ti gnitteg reisae dna reisae. Fo esruoc, s'ti on nuf gniod ti htiw a loot. Ti *tsum* eb enod yb dnah. :)

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Verbiage: Eht Gnizama Sdrawkcab Lanruoj Yrtne.

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