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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: MUDs and Medievia 2

Thinking about MUDs. They are just so interesting and enthralling. Both terrible and wonderful at the same time.

For a while i played Medievia. I got a level 27 cleric after hundreds of hours, with two modes. One had 1300 mana (used to super-heal packs) and the other i think was about six-hundred both for hp and mana. I was pretty happy with it.

Then came NPK. They say it isn't necessary. They speak not the truth, it is integral to the game. To get any decent HP, decent equipment, or usually to find the catacombs, one must go into NPK. Yet, the unsuspecting non-powerful, or non-sneaking thief tends to get killed for no reason. I think NPK should be closer to CPK. Something that you really have to want to do, and doesn't hide some integral parts of the game.

Well, i was checking out some frogs one day near the catacombs when somebody killed me. It wasn't the first time, but just got me in the wrong mood. That was the last time i really played, and basically a number of months ago.

Since then i tried joining friends in DAOC. I just couldn't get into it. For one, the graphics were just plain intrusive. The importance was partially in the graphics, to look around, yet the text flew by much too quickly. I had wished Medievia had some graphics, but only as an addition, like sound. Not to be the main point. So, i gave up on DAOC. Anyone want to buy a CD Key? :)

Now Horizons is where they are. Apparently they are offering a 7-day trial very soon, (the CD-Key isn't up yet), so i may give graphical MUDs a second chance.

Anyway, i'm thinking once again of wasting my hours on Medievia. I am even thinking of purchasing a magical pocket, however, with a deterioration of one year, i really don't feel like spending the money. I figure EQ that just helps storage, and doesn't really affect interaction, shouldn't need to deteriorate when real cash is spent. Oh well.

Just searching for Medievia and found this disturbing thread about stolen code. Hmm..

Finally, the question of the MUD client. When i started with Medievia, i was under Linux, so i took whatever client i could find. One thing that bothered me was the inability to run pre-existing scripts for trade runs and the like (at least evaluating). Now, under Windows, i'd like to take advantage fo that. I think the scripts are mostly for MudMaster and zMUD. zMUD costs, yet has a thirty day trial, and all future upgrades are free, which is nice. That removes most of my problems with paying. And its supposedly very advanced and worth the money. My question would be what i'd be missing in the free route going with Mud Master.

Being rather ignorant in the area of MUD clients, i'd appreciate comments about them.

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Verbiage: MUDs and Medievia

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  • I used to pay a MUD, but got fed up with the people who ran it (they really did have problems), and decided to start my own. Since the mud I'd played was based upon ROM (a MERC derivative, which is a DIKU derivitive), I started with that codebase and added a bunch of patches to add features, then wrote my own. Heck, some of my snippets are still out there on various sites. The codebase was nasty to begin with, but over two years I turned it around so that it used less memory, ran faster, and was crash re

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