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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Most annoying typing habit 13

When i type, my most annoying habit is that i hit the semicolon instead of the single-quote. And sometimes, i hit the el (no, not the train you silly Scrabble player) as well. So, i often type don;lt, or isn;t, and the like. Never seems to happen when i reach for the double-quote though. I wish i knew how to break the habit. Electroshock feedback? :)

Any suggestions? Or, what's your most annoying habit whilst typing?

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Question: Most annoying typing habit

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  • THings i hate about my typing. THe double capital THat usually only strikes when typing 'TH.'

    Tlak instead of talk.

    Remedy? Repetition. No, i'm not kidding. when you get it wrong, type a line or two of it correctly. Delete, continue as you were.

    When i can, i do this. Most of my typos i correct, they're from muscle spasms rather than anything else. You'd hate to see my typing as it appears normally; it's something like

    you'd hatew to seew my thytyping the way it normal;lt appears, because the muscale s

    • Yep, double capping hits me too. Not too often, but enough to notice. As for interprosing letters, it happens, but even less often. I think that has more to do with my thinking than anything else.

      As for typing an entire line. Sounds interesting. Thanx.
  • I'll miss the 'A' key with my pinkie and hit Caps Lock instead, then go a few words before I realize i'M tYPING lIKE tHIS...
  • In particular my new Dell 5150 laptop has a rather nasty keyboard lag such that I know for a fact I've typed 'cd ' but it comes out 'c d'. Or '/bin/shu[tab][enter]' when I want to execute the /bin/ program in tomcat comes out '/bin/ u' because the tab registered after the h and before the u.
  • Try type casting every number to a long!

    int i = 0l;

    Grrr.... very frustrating...


    foo =;

    I know what you mean about it. The solution? Bugger if I know, but if you find one make sure to post it. :-)
  • Tlak - Talk
    Tlenet - Telnet
    Homtail - Hotmail
    Teh - The (O-mi-gawd am I JeffK?)

    Every so often when trying to type 'org' at the end of a URL I type 'oef'.

    When using a web browser, I might hit the Enter key when trying to hit Shift. That really screws me in web forms.

    That's about all I can think of right now.
  • From time to time, mostly off the "home row", I'll type with my left hand when I should type with my right hand. e.g. t for u z for . or [ for q.

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