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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot: Feature: Modifiers applied to Message threshhold 2

I reported a bug, and they decided to fix it. Specifically, modified (+/- given to friends, foes, new users, long posts, etc.) will be honored by the messages threshold. This means, for example, if i have foes at -6, and messages at +1, i will no longer see when a foe posts to my journal. This makes it much easier as i can start clicking on the actual messages recieved rather than clicking on the JE and finding the message (in order to avoid it in case the message came from a foe).

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Slashdot: Feature: Modifiers applied to Message threshhold

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  • by Kris_J ( 10111 ) *
    I'd noticed this. Some messages wouldn't appear when browsing at 2, but if I browsed at 1 they'd appear with a score of 3. I thought it was just a limitation of some coding. Excellent.

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