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Typo: Slashdot : ROTK

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  • AH! You found another typo! Wow, you're the man.

    Who cares? Seriously, this is Slashdot. I don't expect much from this website. One thing I know not to expect is proper grammar and correct spelling. And your UID is so low I would expect that by this point, you'd realize that poor spelling is just the status quo and your stupid little journal entries won't change a thing. Honestly, get something better to do with your time than write journal entries about typos you've found.

    Of course, you've made me a foe so

    • Hmmm, AD, I do not know which is more entertaining. Chacham, who has a purpose behind his mentioning all the typos on slashdot articles, or you who seems to take special time out of your day just to make the same kind of comment in response to each JE.

      Lets try some introspection here. No one is forcing you to read Chacham's journal, and probably about 50% of his JEs have a comment about the lack of editorship (?) skill. Infact, most have "typo" or something similar indicating the topic. Would it requir
      • What is Chacham's purpose behind mentioning all the typos in Slashdot articles?

        And I've marked Chacham as a friend so that I may be notified whenever he has another awful journal article written. It's like a car wreck. Sure, I don't want to see this garbage but it's just so damn hard to look away.

        And as soon as Chacham unmarks me as a foe, I will unmark him as a friend and never show up in his journal ever again. This is the way I've decided to apply the relationship system in Chacham's case. It's fun for m

        • Maybe you should start pointing out the mistakes that Chacham makes. For example, when he replies to a post he doesn't like, he forgets to capitalize his "I." In addition, he has a small problem with spelling.
        • Well, if you read his replies and journal as something other than to mock, you would see that his hope is to actually draw attention to how bad the editors on slashdot are, and in a way shame them to start actually doing their jobs as editors.

          Second, Chacham has probably marked you as foe for language. He seems to have the opinion that no matter that he is not the one saying the things, that cursing and vulgar language rubs off on him in some fashion. So, he uses his foes list to deep six those that he s
          • I don't think I am trolling and here's why. I realize that Chacham doesn't see my posts. It's pretty clear that once you are on his foes list, your posts are no longer read by him. So to troll Chacham, I'd have to be going for a response from him - I know that won't happen. Sure, I may say things like, "Hey Chacham, answer me about this." or whatnot but that's just for show. So if I am not baiting Chacham in his journal, who am I baiting? To answer that: no one. I'm merely trying to voice my opinion. I thin
          • Wow, frst two paragraphs were spot on. Except i foed him because of him name. I figured anyone with such a name probably approaches things from a vantage point that i wouldn't want to see. And, while i never read his posts (they don't show up under +1) i am messaged when he posts. The message system is broken in that it reports messages that it shouldn't (i have messages set to +1).

            It is nice to notice that someone actually noticed that i title JE's according to their content. (I am open to comments in get
        • Dude... I tend toward the liberal slant, but you are too damn funny. That's what Slashdto is all about. Having fun. Screw people who think it shoudl be some kind of "news service". It was never meant to be even if that's what Taco's highminded drivel might imply at times. Ignore the boy for he knows not what he says. Slashdot is a fun blog that just happens to have an interesting tech related article a few times a week. That's why I don't care for kuro5hin much. Not enough tech and WAYYY too much ot
  • "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, the final chapter in Peter Jackson's directoral[1] masterpeice[2] is leading the 76[3] Annual Academy Awards with 11 nominations including Best Picture and Best Director. Next in line with 10 nominations including Best Picture and Best director[4] is Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Here is a full list of the nominees in all categories."

    [1] Should be directorial - directoral isn't a word.

    [2] Should be masterpiece - i before e except after c. Should
  • Of any post today on slashdot, this one should make you smile. 4& cid=8114953
  • Is it "masterpeice"? What do I win?

1 1 was a race-horse, 2 2 was 1 2. When 1 1 1 1 race, 2 2 1 1 2.