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Journal Chacham's Journal: The "Duh!" moment. (Akin to the "Aha!" moment.) 3

Now an then we hear something so well explained, and seemingly so truthful, that we excalim "Aha!". Different books talk about their "Aha!" moments. And, just so, every once in a while i experience a "Duh!" moment. That moment when everything becomes painfully clear. In that I missed it until now.

In school, i don't remember quite when, some mentioned tha Hebrew letter "Hay". Someone responded "Hay is for horses". For years i just assumed he meant the equivalent of "Aych (the letter "h") is for horses". Only years later did i finally realize he actually meant "hay" (the food, not the letter). Duh!

Well, time repeats itself. I've been using Nero for a bit now. Never paid attention to why they called it "Nero", or "Nero Burning ROM". My neighbor just pointed out to me that it's because Emporer Nero is said to have burned Rome. Duh!

Live and learn.

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The "Duh!" moment. (Akin to the "Aha!" moment.)

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  • Yeah, my wife told me about the Nero thing a couple weeks ago too. I never noticed that before.

    Also, as a note to the hay is for horses thing, I had heard it always as:

    Hay is for horses,
    better for cows,
    people want to eat it,
    but don't know how.
  • For years I always thought the ego waffle comercials were very odd... "Lego my Ego!" was the catchphrase that threw me. I never got it was a contraction, and always sat there dumbfounded going 'what do building blocks have to do with waffles?'


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