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Journal Chacham's Journal: Diaretical: Started a diet (again) 7

Might have found what i needed to diet. Someone who will be my psycological partner. He's not dieting, but is interested in seeing it work.

The idea is simple, start by finding an amount of calories to maintain current weight, and eat it, no less no more, everyday (I'm working at two-thousand-three-hundred calories). Then, chip it down little by little, such as in twenty-five to fifty calorie increments.It's pretty much guaranteed to work. And, the slow notch downs, will keep most cravings at bay.

One of the issues i seem to have whilst dieting is eating to little. Either, to save the calories for later, or just to stop snacking and be in a "dieting" mode. So, for example, yesterday i had three pieces of Matzoh for breakfast (three-hundred calories), and a piece of pizza for lunch (~four-hundred-twenty calories), and was about to have some rice and ketchup for dinner. I wasn't hungry, but that was way too little calories wise. That'll work for a few weeks, in which i'd lose about twenty pounds, and then it's slow down to a crawl, so much that a break in the diet would easily gain some weight back. I've done that too many times, so i want to keep away from it.

So, last night i went to 7-11 and got some potato chips and a large (52oz which i couldn't finish) slurpee. Had to be about fifteen-hundred calories. Not perfect, but it's getting there. Though today, i'm not as hungry. I haven't bothered eating breakfast yet.

So, for lunch i'll need to eat a thousand calories or so, or just snack throughout the day. As much as i want to eat carbohydrates, i'll have to add either lots of sugar, or some fat to eat more.

At this point i'd love to go out for lunch or dinner, but counting calories makes that nearly impossible. Even if i make meat for myself, how do i know how many calories it has? The books say how much meat has per ounce. However, that depends greatly on how much fat drips off. I usually pour off the fat when i make steak or hamburgers. Assuming the raw meat in a hamburger has three-hunfdred-fifty calories, how much is it after i pour off all that fat? Fifty calories less? One-hundred?

Well, hopefully in a week or two, i'll start the losing process. Until then, it's interesting playing the game.

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Diaretical: Started a diet (again)

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  • My wife and I have found that dieting does not work as a general solution. Too often the idea that I have just to get to a certain point then I am off the diet, then we don't have to watch what we eat. And sure enough, welcome back weight!

    Last year we started a different tactic, that is working with portions. When we go shopping for something (like steak) instead of looking for the best price/pound ratio, I now look for a leaner cut, and also (here's the important part) smaller cut. So, when I actually
    • Yeah, the better lifestyle is definitely the way to do it.

      However, i want to drop about seventy pounds. So, if i drop it, and then gain back twenty, i wouldn't mind as much. Then, the style would be better than the diet itself.
  • Also, cutting down on carbs does help. My wife took off fifty pounds on an Atkins-like diet (basically, cutting out all starches and added sugars - carrots, tomatoes, fruit and fruit juice OK; bread, flour, potatoes, corn, rice, pasta, slurpees, soda, sweets not OK). It took her about ten months (25 lbs in the first three, seven months for the rest), and she broke the diet only once, on her birthday. It's a little easier to eat out than a calorie-counting diet, because you can generally find out the ingr
  • You can get one online at [] that is OK.

    You should also eat 5-6 times a day (small meals) to keep your metabolism up; eat more during the day and less in the afternoon/evenings, unless you're going to the gym in the evenings. The basic rule is eat for future calorie expenditure.

    And speaking of that...are you exercising at all?

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