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Journal Chacham's Journal: IE Popup Spam 8

Just got a call. Someone got one of those popup porn spams, that puts itself in the favorites, takes over the homepage, redirects the active page every few minutes, and so on. I've actually cleared it from his computer before (by finding the resident program), though of late, they're getting tougher to beat.

He's tried AdAware and Spybot. Another friend had this and i tried and tried. Even reinstalled IE. We tried AdAware, Spybot, and others. None worked. XP's task manager didn't show anything suspicious running. He finally switched to Mozilla.

I'm scheduled to go and try to help this guy tomorrow, though i doubt i'll be able to do it, (unless the newsgroups help). I will probably switch him to Mozilla.

After searching the newsgroups last itme, all the resolutions didn't help. I wonder what they are exploiting.

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IE Popup Spam

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  • Install themselves as part of the winsock stack - as a 'Layered Service Provider' - thus you don't see anything extra runing, since they are just a library called by the normal winsock services. These malware can act like a selective proxy, causing behaivor like you describe, and be tough to get rid of.

    Whats worse, if you get rid of them the wrong way, they can fubar your winsock stack and cause all sorts of problems, such as preventing dhcp renewals.

    I found a util that can remove many of these, don't le

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