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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rhymiscal: For the worst.....

Put a few minutes into this. Found it interesting, but hard to keep up the near-sounding rhymes. "Near sounding" being "worst" and "first", "second" and "questioned", "day" and "may" "say" "hey", et al. Just a rewrite of the poem isn't hard enough. :) So, all the stressed or important words much be homonyms, or at least very close.

For the worst pay of business, My job entitled me,
To a 486-33.

I questioned, "may, i miss this?" And looked for a NIC free
To turn into a hub,
That 486-33

They heard me say, "i'll risk this" And would not let it be,
Freedom does depend,
On who my words do rub,
And on my 486-33.

Of course, hey the trick is, keep them away from me,
For me to be insured,
And free of raving hands,
Of whomever wants my hub,
This 486-33.

Any takers?

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Rhymiscal: For the worst.....

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