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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Web hosters 18

Looking for a host to host a few websites. First and foremost, is Squirrelmail or Horde/IMP. The others will be made as time goes on.

I was with CubeSoft. Their tech support seems knowledge, but the responses are terse. Though, they respond very quickly. I just canceled my service after finally getting around to setting up Horder/IMP, and finding that the requirements php (gettext, mcrypt, imap) and pear (Log, Mail_Mime, Net_Socket) were (to them) bloated and insecure, respectively. I respect their rules, but this means they are not the service that meets the need. And, the inability to rm .bash_history was somewhat annoying.

Anyone else know a good place to do something like this? A dedicated machine is too expensive. Basically, reliable uptime, backups, and configurable PHP (either by them, or my own) is required.

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Question: Web hosters

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  • I've been using myprohost.com [myprohost.com] to host my website [mskf.org] for the last 3 months after my contract with c4host went sour. I've been impressed with all correspondence I've had with them - they know what they're doing, and the responses were fast.
    If nothing else, they'll be able to tell you if your requirements are feasible. They seemed quite willing to work with me to make sure my requirements were met.
    • Is there a login, or is it Windows?
      • It's running Linux, and you can get ssh access if you can prove you need an account. I just mentioned that I like sed and awk, and that was good enough for them. I didn't even get into how I wanted to edit PHP files server-side instead of uploading each time.
        • Interesting.

          Though, i'm a bit nervous if they don't allow it right away. Ideally, i'd be hacking pages there, requiring emacs and the like. So, same as you, except i'd need access to the databases as well.
          • Well, the only reason they don't enable it by default is just that - they don't enable it by if it's not needed. Just another security precaution. I had assurances it would be enabled before I sent them payment, so I wasn't nervous about it.

            I'm into database stuff as well - the MySQL interface is the standard web-based phpMyAdmin module, but I think the other CLI MySQL interfaces are present. I haven't used them yet, but I have no reason to think they're not.

            I just checked - Emacs is installed and work
  • Liquidweb (www.liquidweb.com) provides horde/IMP for webmail, and you can configure your php settings - but I know I've hit limits with them before using php software that needs chmod, chown and other functions.
    • Loks interesting. Although, is there a login? I want to host a few websites. Right now, i only gave a cursory look.
  • Barron Hosting [barronhosting.com] is run by a friend; I'm not sure whether or not it will meet all of your requirements, though. You can e-mail "keith" at the above domain to check. Also, SlashChick has simpli.biz [simpli.biz], but I have no experience with them.
    • Thanx. Baron has a limit on email addresses. Not something that i want. And, i still refuse to go to a ".biz" address. :)
      • I'm using their smallest package, just for e-mail (at this point). I have nine addresses set up, and everything that comes to the domain that is not to a defined address comes to a catchall account. I sort that into folders as it comes in, and it works fairly nicely. If you need multiple addresses for separate individuals, though, then you'll need something else.
  • I found my last hosts through findmyhosting.com [findmyhosting.com]. I've been using hostitnow.com for my meager collection of websites, with a special price of $8/year through findmyhosting.com ($5 setup, $3/year for a decent collection of services). The quality of the hosting has far exceeded my expectation (which was pretty much nil considering the price). Good luck.
  • Netmar, good customer service...
    not sure on all of the 'extra's they offer...but they are knowledgable and friendly over the phone.

    $10/month for "unlimited bandwidth" *shrugs*
    I'm ignorant to what that actually MEANS...but that's the plan we got from them...seemed cheaper than me having to buy a machine and deal with the security issues myself.

    • $10/month for "unlimited bandwidth" *shrugs*

      They say they've never gone over 70% on their OC-192. So, if they have it, you can use it. :) I like that.

      There's a setup fee. No biggie. But, then $5 for each virtual domain. No thank you. Also, it's unlimited email aliases. I want email addresses. Perhaps i need a dedicated server? Unfortunately, that's more than i can afford right now.
      • Don't know if it's suitable/useful to you, nor do I recall offhand what's included, but 1and1.com (those are ones, not L's) is having a promo where you can get their regular commercial package for free for the next 3 years (in the hope that you'll become a regular paying customer after that). They're big enough to buy full page ads in eWeek, which isn't cheap.

        • Neat. Not "unlimited" but i can probably deal with it. :)

          50 subdomains
          Point up to 100 external domain names to 1&1
          50 POP3 e-mail accounts (50 MB each)


          How can you pay for this promotion?

          Cutting our advertising budget allows us to use the money to pay for the promotion. Less ads and the maximum use of grassroots word-of-mouth movement is our objective. We're not worried about losing our shirt because, as the biggest web host in the world, we're profitable, stable, and have been in this business f

          • Figure for the current price, they're certainly no worse than any of the existing "free" hosts (Tripod and that ilk), and the regular freebies all have some sort of "We'll sell you AND your shirt if we want, and you'll LIKE it" clause, not to mention various annoyances to your visitors. Hard to get worse than that! (Oh, except when Tripod's anti-abuse scripts run amok and delete perfectly legit sites.)

            As to what calibre of business their marketing partners are... well, the way to find out is to sign up wit

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