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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Is Jupiter a giant woodchip? 3

Is Jupiter a giant woodchip? Someone had a picture on his desktop, and i realized it was *supposed* to be a planet, but it looked very fake. Jupiter looks fake. It must be a woodchip. The "three-hundred-year-old storm" gives it away. :)

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Question: Is Jupiter a giant woodchip?

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  • If we have told you once, we have told you a 1000 times. YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT SUCH THINGS. It endangers the penguins hold on power in this sector.

    You have been warned. :->
  • more like faux marble. And why do you say it's giant? It looks very tiny to me, when I can see it at all -- they tell us that this is because it's very far away but it could be 10 times closer and a tenth the size or 100 times closer and one hundredth the size. how would we know the difference?

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