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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Thanksgiving? How? Why? 3

Celebrate Thanksgiving? Or perhaps commemorate it? Do you actually give thanx? Or is that just the excuse for the family get together?

I don't do it. I give thanks every day. I don't see why this day should be different. (At least to me.) Why is it different?

I have spoken to others, and seem to think nobody actually does that thanking thing. Do you? If so, how? What part of the meal gives thanks? I guess that's what i really want to know.

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Question: Thanksgiving? How? Why?

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  • Why celebrate anything, then?

    Why recognize a person's birthday? You should show your appreciation of them every day.

    Why honour Veterans' Day? You should honour them every day.

    Why celebrate Canada Day or the Fourth of July, etc.? You should be proud of your country every day.

    Why have special days for Easter and Christmas? We should recognize the meaning of Christ's coming and sacrifice every day.

    etc. etc.

    Having a special day doesn't mean that we don't consider the topic of that day on other days. But t
    • Why celebrate anything, then?

      Very true. Each celebration must be questioned and understood.

      Why recognize a person's birthday? You should show your appreciation of them every day.

      Not necessarily. If one shows appreciation every day, it becomes cheap. Having it once in a while is nice. Once a year is about right, and the anniversary of their birth has a special touch.

      Some appreciation should be done every day. But those are for what the person does. For being who they are, however, is a birthday thing.
    • Excellent repsonse. :-) (mod parent up ;-)

      What better way to give thanks to God, besides obeying his commandments, than to share in the bounty that he has provided us? Whether a humble meal within a shelter with volunteer workers, or together with your family at a large table, God has provided for you.

      I know I am not thankful every day for all that I have. I can think in the last week of many times I have not been thankful for what I have, and even cursed at it. For instance, my wifes computer had a p

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