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Journal Chacham's Journal: Got Slayers

Well, since i was watching GT a while back on I-Channel, i got into Slayers. Ending liking it. It's simply hilarious, and the graphics are very good. So, i watched most of then there, until i saw they could be downloaded. I finished the series that way, only missing one episode.

Now, however, i found it was availible for purchase. The US version is not Japanese, is Region 1, and quite expensive. The Japanese version, however, is in both Japanese and English (with optional English subtitles), is Region 0, and i got it for $77, including shipping. Being i bought 78 episodes, that's fits into the $1 per episode deal. Neat. Now if only DB(Z) would be availible like that.

I only listened to a moment of the Enlgish. I didn't like it. For one, i'm biased against dubs, because they are many times not true to the script. I don't know if that's the case here, in fact it looked like they just read the subtitles, but i am biased. Also, i'm simply used to the Japanese voices. And finally, the English voices just don't seem to have the same flair. I'll have to try it again, if only to see the job they did.

So, i'll have to watch it now, simply because i bought it. Maybe this time i won't miss that one episode.

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Got Slayers

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