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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rhymsical: When I go to buy roses 7

When I want to buy roses, the situation poses, a question of relative weight,
What color should I see, on whatever number it may be, to have my gift be Grade A, first rate.
Right on first sight, I would think to get white, whose color is so very subtle.
But then there is red, with romance at its head, coming with an ample rebuttal.
And then I do think, the not-so-heavy pink, kind of like subtle romance,
Then there is yellow, not quite as mellow, breaking the rest with a dance.
Maybe a mix, just for the kicks, would be worth it to give it a shot,
But that might be a sign, of a person, not mine, differences being alot.
What if? I supose, if someone who knows, would help me set my though clear,
Create a beautiful view, with myself shining through, to give to this person so dear.

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Rhymsical: When I go to buy roses

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  • If you google around you can find a list of meanings for each color rose.

    Two, because mortagaging your home is not really a loving act.
    • Why do i care what *other* people think? :)
      • Wouldn't it be a shame to give a pair of yellow roses and have them think you have an interest in them beyond friendship?

        Just a language is used for communicating, so is giving flowers.

        Granted once you know the person, better the type of flowers becomes less important. Such as my wife really likes lillies, so roses are not very common around our place. Granted flowers in general are rare since it is hard to surprise her when we commute together everyday. ;-)
  • one, that you would go with either a bouquet of red with one white, or a bouquet of white with one red. UNLESS you happen to know her favourite colour, in which case get that colour. (and maybe check if she likes roses, too. My favourites are spray roses, preferably in dark red, but only because purple roses tend to be the wrong shades of purple.)

    Two, this immediately fell into my brain when i saw the title.

    Moses supposes his toeses are roses
    but Moses supposes erroneously-
    For nobody's toeses are ros

    • Thanx for the reply. Cute.

      But, i'd think the color is more important that it represents who its coming from, rather than who its going too.
      • if your intent is to communicate a specific sentiment only, then yes. If you're looking solely to say, i care about your happiness and want to give you things pleasing to you- then no, the recipient's preferences matter. I guess it depends entirely upon whether you're looking at them as a vehicle of communications alone, or as a gift. Kinda like giving a holiday present- do you give them something like a sweater in the colour they like best, or the colour you want to see them in?


        • Actually, the gift analogy is differenyt. Because the gift was given for the other person, the color should then follow through.

          Sometimes, however, it is really a message. A message to say that which means to means, or is precious to me, or takes me time, is what i want to give to give to you. I've always felt that roses are of that genre. They are a way mfor the giver to give something, and thereofre shoiuld express his emotions and feelings.

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