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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rhymsical: Yesterday I was on a plane.

Yesterday, I was on a plane, amid the sky so blue,
The clouds were like deep blue stains, behold! some were raining too.
The lightening was brightly seen, yet the thunder was not heard,
I was wondering what this should mean, to me, flying like a bird.
The lightening was brightly seen, illuminating the sky,
Using my window as a screen, though, to hear, was a worthless try.
I figured that in that place, babies were surely crying,
Children ran to their parents embrace, and above this I was flying.
I knew that there, there must be thunder, but above I could not feel,
I had wanted to go, with them, under, so then it would be real.
Then I pondered on this thought, what did I want why?
To be down there, with them, caught, And not up here on high.
The beauty of the spectacular show, like fireworks in the night,
And even though I'm on the go, I can still enjoy my flight.
A blast over here, and then over there, Oh! their beautiful glow,
Is it upong me to really care? What happends there down low?
There on the ground, there is to be found, in and of itself a city,
From all that makes sound, to everyone around, why should I have any pity?
I am me, and they are them, truly a separation,
The eye can see this, at the stem, for the entire generation.
Why does my conscience bother me so, Does this feeling have any worth?
That is what I want to know, Is it a trait from birth?
Or is it from when I was growing, coming with some thought,
Now it is a virtue, coming up and showing, And I'm lucky it has me caught.
Though this question was not done, while I was up there flying,
Even if I chose the wrong one, at least I know I'm trying.

Wrote this after it happened. A poem is a good way to sort out feelings, in a sense, it can be an exploration. Perhaps one day I'll fix this poem to be a bit better. The above is how I wrote it (except some commas).

From a rhyming stand point, my favorite line here is:
"I am me, and they are them,"..."The eye can see this, at the stem,"

Rhyming in the meter, but off the segment, tickles me just right. :)

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Rhymsical: Yesterday I was on a plane.

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