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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rhymsical: As I lie here in bed 2

As I lie here in bed, and cover my head, in dreadful fear of the night,
You might say that I'm old, and I should be more bold, and maybe turn off the light.
When I go to sleep, I don't make a peep, except an occasional snore,
I couple of tight, because of my fright, and enter a world I adore.
Now life is a dream, with a beautiful theme, I frolic about and around,
Now I am the king, as long as one thing, that near me there isn't a sound.
But in the morning, my clock does its thing, and makes its terrible call,
Every day I so lose, so I hit the snooze, or pull the plug from the wall.
A little more rest, then I do my best, to get up though I wish to stay,
I then take my shower, to give me the power, to make it out through the day.
Well what do you know, as I'm on the go, I realize that it is Sunday,
So I go back to my bed, and put down my head, and sleep the hours away.
At about twelve or one, I decide to have fun, so I call my friend on the phone,
He drove that whole mile, came in with a smile, hey, it's better than being alone.
But I am a skitz, sometimes on the fritz, a danger for the whole place,
So I took out my gun, and got the job done, now the police are on my case.
They followed a trail, that led me to jail, couldn't bribe them with any cash,
They said, "come on be a sport, cus till you're through court, we'll try not to treat you like trash."
It's not that I care, that they'll give me the chair, exactly at twelve o'clock,
But when they strap me down, I might get a frown, cus the chair thing comes as a shock.

And that is a peek into my demented mind in ninth grade.....

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Rhymsical: As I lie here in bed

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