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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot Habits: Removing friends 12

Well, i went to foe another user id today, and hit the 400 limit. Since foeing is more productive than friending, i removed a few friends, mostly with no JEs, or did not recognize the name.

Apparently though, there is some confusion why i unfriend/foe. I don't think saying it again will help, but it's worth a shot.

Mainly i do this when people people use offensive language. I hold nothing against the person, but i choose not to see it, where controllable. Thus, if it is in a friend's JE, i unfriend them. There is no reason to foe them, since unfriending them means i won't see their JEs anyway. If it is in a comment, i foe them. Since i give a -6 modifier to foes, and i don't usually read under +1, i don't see them.

I don't like the term foe. I have though about friending them (and applying the -6 modifier to friends) but then i won't see any friend's journals, and i will see the foes' journals. The other option would be friend of foe, and have a designated login to friend people i want to filter, and then foe that user, but this is not an availible option.

The question then is why i filter them. Simply, because i believe everything affects me, even the smallest of things, and i know that the more i am near people who use such language it comes up in my thoughts. So, i need to filter it where i can, and take an action against it. Similar to what i do when commercials on the radio make fun of some group of people (competitors, men, average people), i do the action fo turning off the radio or changing the station to counteract their influence.

But there is another reason. Some people start their arguments off logically, then, when chanllenged, turn extremely emotional. This can be seen by the use of polite words at the beginiing, and more vulgar language later in the discussion. Since i want to argue logic and values, but not get too emotional, filtering those people makes it so i won't see their comments, and thus won't get into that situation again.

But, i never foe on a disagreement. Some people will note that i friended them exactly as i fired off a responmse completely disagreeing with them. I also won't foe if someone challenges my morals or values. Though, i did once unfriend somone when he choose not to respect others as people. I found his JE, friended him, made a number of objections because he promoted Democrats and bashed Republicans, and read some comment from him about which told me that he didn't respect Bush as a person. I commented that he could despise him, but a person is a person, and every person is able to hold their own opinions. He responded otherwise, and i unfriended. (Or did i foe, don't remember.)

Anyway, i rarely read anyone's journal, mostly because the title's are non-descriptive. So, friending people is mostly to see more +5 comments. But that may be going down, and the need to foe rises.

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Slashdot Habits: Removing friends

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  • Hello! (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Acidic_Diarrhea ( 641390 ) on Thursday October 16, 2003 @12:22PM (#7230270) Homepage Journal
    Thank you for your insightful commentary! As a foe of yours, I often wonder what I could have done to inspire your hatred of me. This journal entry does nothing to clear that up. I don't believe I have ever used "offensive language" in any of my posts and therefore, don't understand how I ended up on your foes list. It's truly perplexing.
  • by keesh ( 202812 )
    Unfortunately, Bush doesn't really qualify as a 'person'. He's more of a semi-evolved simian...

    Or at least, that's how most of us UKians see him :)
    • [Bush-bashing] Or at least, that's how most of us UKians see him :)

      Of course, others of us hold similar opinions of those of you who latch on to the uninformed 'articles' which decorate the Grauniad or Daily Mirror brand litter-tray liners, somehow agreeing with their shrill demands for the US to violate the Geneva Convention by subjecting detainees to illegal civilian courts, rather than the military tribunal dictated by international law...

      • I listened to Tariq Ali this mourning give a talk to a chearing (I think British) crowd about his latest book "Bush in Babylon, the colonization of Iraq". For some reason it came in over the classical music channel I rarely listen to but was on my radio when I turned my car on in any case.

        His speach was resplendent in paying lipservice to the ideal of international law, but disrespecting the law as it stands. I've noted that truely political speach has three components...

        1) Facts: These are truths that ca
    • Found it []. I commented "Whether we agree with his opinions is a matter of debate, but to say he's incomepetant is to insult all that voted for him.". To which he responded "I suppose saying he is incompetant is to insult the people who voted for him. In my opinion, though, they deserve it - I feel they voted for an idiot". I then responded and unfriended.

      It's the insult to millions of people that did it. He simply does not respect other people.
  • if i do something that warrants unfriending. i try to keep my language reasonable, and value your opinions and thoughts.


  • Unfortunately for you, I have answered quite a few questions in your recent JE's since you foe'd me for some reason that I can't mesh with one of your points above, and you never saw them!

    Your loss is everyone else's gain.
  • Foul language only makes you look like an @$%@$ ^%&#@ ()&(^ idiot! ;-)

    Do not be too concerned about foul language though. While it is quite distasteful to put up with it does not harm you. As Christ said, it is not what enters a man that condemns him, it is that which comes from his heart and proceedes from him.

    To make a stand though is good. However, I would be careful to totally discredit someone's opinions simpley because of their language. Myself, I use my "foe" marker for folks I think ar
    • While it is quite distasteful to put up with it does not harm you.

      I believe everything affects me. The question is only in what direction. If i don't like the direction, even minute, it does harm me.

      it is not what enters a man that condemns him,

      Unless, of corse, he put himself in such a position first.

      it is that which comes from his heart and proceedes from him.

      Or, that is not fought off. If a person lets everything affect him, he is accountable for his soul, even if he never did anything.

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