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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Kid need a car? 4

When your kid needs to be at school on time, and in style, get him his own car. Only the best will do.

Of course, they *must* have a place to live. A simple playhouse should be fine. But, for those daring individuals, who go out to the frontier, you best get them a fort.

Finally, a dream's a dream, and bedtime is best for it. Make sure they have a nice bed.

Childhood without these necessities is missing. Perhaps the government should step in a subsidize these purchases. After all, it is for the children.

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Verbiage: Kid need a car?

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  • Holy crap, that stuff is nice. I thought things were great when my parents bought me a crappy bike when I was 7.
  • I thought the fort was pretty cool.

    I helped a friend from church last spring work on building a play ground for his kids. It wasn't nearly as cool as the fort in the picture, but I would guess my friend's playground was less than $300, much less $47000.

    I wonder why that fort cost so much too? I bet with a couple guys we could probably put something like that together for less than $1000.

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